Dr. Shaima Alhalabi

Clinical Dietitian

Shaima Alhalabi is a dedicated Clinical Dietitian with over three years of experience in various healthcare settings. She focuses on providing comprehensive dietary education and practical guidance to individuals, emphasizing the scientific basis of dietary choices. Her expertise lies in communication, health promotion, cultural competence, food service, counseling techniques, and medical nutrition therapy.

Education and qualifications:

Shaima Alhalabi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Dietetics from the prestigious United Arab Emirates University.

Areas of expertise:

Shaima excels in evidence-based dietary counseling, portion control, and nutritional guidance. She has experience in food service monitoring, customized meal planning for specific dietary needs, and analysis of laboratory results for food intolerances. Her work includes client assessment, personalized weight management programs, and collaboration with physicians for optimal program execution. Shaima is also skilled in group education sessions, community programs, and providing medical nutrition therapy for various conditions, including Diabetes type 1 & 2. She is fluent in both Arabic and English, enabling her to offer comprehensive dietary support.



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