Dr. Khayam Muqdad


A specialized dentist qualified with multiple academic degrees.

Education and qualifications:

Dr.. Khayyam Miqdad Hussein is a specialized dentist qualified with multiple academic degrees. He holds a basic degree in dentistry from the University of Baghdad, which gives him a strong foundation in the field of dental medicine.

In addition to his basic degree, Dr. Khayyam has a diploma in dental implantology from the British Academy of Implantology. This dual background makes him qualified to provide a variety of services in the field of dentistry

Areas of expertise:

Cosmetic dentistry: where he has the necessary skills to improve the appearance of teeth and the smile of patients.

Periodontology: He has experience in diagnosing and treating gum problems and taking care of gum health.

Oral surgery and nitrous oxide: Provides surgical services to treat multiple problems in the mouth, including the use of nitrous oxide as an anesthetic.

Conscious Sedation: Specializes in providing conscious sedation to patients requiring surgical procedures.

Laser: Laser techniques are used in the field of dentistry to treat a variety of problems.

Endodontic dentistry: treats pulp and nerve problems in teeth with care and precision.

Pediatric Dentistry: Provides appropriate dental care and treatment for children, taking into account their special needs.



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