Dr. Hala Al Daweri

Specialist in Dentistry

Dr. Halah Muthanna Aldaweri is a dedicated dental professional committed to delivering exceptional oral healthcare and creating beautiful smiles for her patients.

Education and qualifications:

Dr. Halah Aldaweri holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Ajman University for Science and Technology. Her rigorous education has equipped her

Areas of expertise:

With over 8 years of experience practicing dentistry in the UAE, Dr. Aldaweri has established herself as a renowned expert in various facets of dentistry, including:

· Smile Makeover Expert: Dr. Aldaweri possesses a keen eye for aesthetic dentistry and specializes in smile makeovers, helping her patients achieve the confident and radiant smiles they desire.

· Pediatric Dentistry and Pain Control: She is passionate about pediatric dentistry, ensuring that children receive gentle and compassionate dental care. Her expertise in pain control techniques makes dental visits comfortable for young patients.

· Cosmetic Fillings: Dr. Aldaweri excels in cosmetic fillings, using advanced materials and techniques to restore the natural beauty of teeth while ensuring their functionality.

· Surgical and Non-Surgical Tooth Extractions: Her surgical skills enable her to perform tooth extractions with precision and minimal discomfort to the patient. Dr. Aldaweri also offers non-surgical options when appropriate.

· Periodontal Care: She is well-versed in periodontal care, addressing gum health and preventing and treating gum diseases to maintain optimal oral hygiene.



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