Dr. Ahmad Tunji

Specialist Urologist

Dr. Ahmed Al Tunji is an experienced urologist with a Master's Degree in Urology

Education and qualifications:

Dr Ahmad Al Tunji is a specialist in urology, general surgery, paediatric, endoscope and infertility treatments. He has worked with Al Razi Hospital – Syria as a Urologic Surgeon and has served at the Aleppo Private Hospital as a Specialist in Urology Department. Dr Ahmad also had the opportunity to offer his services at Al Ryad Hospital for treatments In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). In addition, he also been an instrumental member working with varied other hospitals as Al Hekmah Hospital, University Hospital; Al Kindi Hospital; Ibn Rushed Hospital and University Hospital.

Dr. Ahmed Al Tunji is an experienced urologist with a Master’s Degree in Urology (1988-1992) and an MD from Faculty of Medicine Aleppo University, Syria (1982-1987). His dual qualifications reflect his expertise in urology and general medicine.

Areas of expertise:

Dr. Ahmed Al Tunji is a versatile medical professional renowned for his expertise. He specializes in urology, general surgery, and pediatrics, ensuring comprehensive care. Additionally, he excels in endoscopic procedures and infertility treatments, offering modern solutions to patients.



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