Dr. Samer dadoush

Specialist Periodontics

Dr. Samer Dadoush, a Damascus University graduate, is a specialist in periodontics with a wide range of expertise. His patient-centric approach and commitment to oral health make him a trusted choice in dentistry.

Education and qualifications:

Dr. Samer Dadoush is a highly qualified dentist with a D.D.S. degree from Damascus University in Syria. He furthered his expertise with a Diploma of Higher Studies in Periodontics from the same university and has earned the prestigious Syrian Board in Periodontics, making him a specialist in the field. Dr. Dadoush’s extensive education and training in periodontics demonstrate his dedication to providing top-notch oral healthcare.

Areas of expertise:

Dr. Samer Dadoush is a highly skilled dentist specializing in a wide range of periodontal and gingival treatments. His expertise extends to surgical periodontal procedures, such as bone grafts and collagen membranes, as well as cutting-edge dental and periodontal laser treatments. Dr. Dadoush is well-versed in the surgical treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis, offering patients advanced care. He also performs gingival and periodontal flaps, ensuring comprehensive oral health solutions. Furthermore, his practice includes prostodontic treatments like crowns and bridges, making him a versatile and comprehensive oral healthcare provider.



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