Khayam Muqdad Hussein
Speciality: Dentistry
Practice Location:
Gaelan Medical Hospital, Sharjah
English, Arabic
GMC Sharjah

Dr. Khayam Muqdad is a highly skilled Cosmetic Dentist / Implantologist with over 14 years of experience in the UAE and Iraq. He had graduated from Baghdad University (IRAQ), he has an Implantology diploma from British Academy of Dental Implantology (U.K.) and pursued his passion for Aesthetic Dentistry, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Nitrous Oxide and conscious sedation, Laser, Endodontics and dental pediatric through numerous clinical certificates.
Dr. Khayam Muqdad is a well communicator, who relates well to his patients, with exceptional clinical experience and unparalleled dedication towards the profession, he has sculpted over 1000 smiles to date including celebrities and High profile people in the UAE, continuously updating his knowledge and his dental practice with the latest technologies to provide an outstanding experience for his patients.
Dr. Khayam Muqdad has a special passion about treating children, armed with the latest treatment techniques in Pediatric Dentistry, as it is one of the most challenging aspects of dentistry. He considers that building smiles is an art, and that everyone deserves to smile with confidence.

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